How to Remote View for the First Time

In this guide we will cover a basic setup to remote view for the first time. There are different methods that can be used to obtain psychic data. For this guide we will be using one of the the simpler ones: Extended Remote Viewing.

This guide isn’t really designed to RV in a practical sense. Unless you have quite high latent ability, it’s unlikely you will be solving crimes or getting lottery numbers with this setup over night (although there’s no real reason why you couldn’t). This is more to get you acquainted with your psychic abilities and to start experimenting with them and hopefully be able to prove to yourself that psychic abilities are real.

Picking a Target

We need something for you to get psychic information on in advance. For this guide I’m going to recommend an image target with a coordinate. There are quite a few tools available that will generate a coordinate tied to a random image in order for you to decipher psychically.

I recommend using It’s a great tool for those learning by themselves. If you go to ‘Training 1.’ you will see “Your RV target is xxx_xxx“. That is your coordinate for this target. You can reveal the target at any time using the “Show the Target” button or generate a new target with the “Generate new ID” button.

There’s nothing all that meaningful about a coordinate, it’s just a random set of alphanumeric characters that sort of focus the viewer to the target or just simply can be used to distract the viewers conscious mind.

Setting up Your Environment

Before you start you want to make sure your environment is in order. You want to be wherever you can feel the most relaxed possible, free from distraction and interruption.

  • Use either a bed or a comfy chair that supports your head.
  • If you choose to lie down in a bed, try to pick a position you won’t fall asleep in if you can.
  • Make sure the temperature is OK (slightly warm or what ever is comfortable)
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Block out sunlight. Use a mask if necessary.
  • Mute or turn off your phone.
  • Kick out any pets, let those within vicinity know you do not want to be disturbed for a while.
  • (Optional) Calming slow paced music, perhaps Atlantean sounds.


Meditation is no doubt the secret sauce to accessing your psychic abilities. It’s how I was taught, I see a lot of meditators succeed on their first try and Dr. Courtney Brown swears by it.

If you are unfamiliar with the basics of meditation I don’t think I can explain it better than this Buddhist Monk.

Best basic meditation guide I’ve found by far

You know how when someone says “Don’t think about breathing right now!” and you can’t stop manually breathing (Gotcha!). That actually helps us here; Focusing on your breath is this menial task that can distract our thinking brain and therefore reduce the noise of your passively invoked imagination to make way for psychic data!

Lie back, relax, get as comfy as humanly possible. Recite the coordinate you were given. Close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing. Try to consistently breathe to a tempo. Try 4/2 – breathe in to the count of 4, pause for 2, then breathe out to 4 and pause for another 2.

Breathe in and exhale deeply and fully, try to remain relatively motionless. Don’t worry if you get distracted, just remind yourself of your goal and refocus on your breathing.

Be patient, it can be a while before you see a visual, it took me close to half an hour on my first successful attempt. Stick with it for as long as you can and try to relax deeper and deeper.

Handling Visuals

Hopefully, after meditating for a while you might see a visual. Now it’s clear from watching RV practitioners that it is also possible to get other sensations such as temperature, sound and touch. So you may get those, I personally have only really been working with visuals so far.

Sometimes your visuals will be right on the nose, sometimes a duck will be a duck. This is not always the case. There are many different ways “it” seems to communicate with you from metaphors to high level abstractions and even in some cases humour.

This communication is quite complex and is one reason why RV can take years to get good at and gain practical use from. You are arguably learning a completely new language and one that may be completely unique to you.

Try not to make high level deductions on what you might be seeing e.g. note ‘Vehicle’ instead of ‘car’ or ‘Structure’ instead of ‘building’ or ‘subject’ instead of ‘person’. Pick out the individual colours, properties, shapes, and textures that you receive. Generally (at least for me personally) visuals don’t always show the target directly but rather give vague clues to what the target is made up of.

End the Session

If you’ve seen a few Gestalts/Signals and are ready to wake up from your meditative state. If you have no idea what the target image might be that is perfectly fine. You are just looking for elements that the image might contain. Make a note of everything you can remember: visuals, sensations, sounds.

Finally, reveal the image. Did you get anything?


Aspiring Remote Viewer by night

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