Psychically Obtaining Numbers with the Color Proxy Technique

This is an article on the Color Proxy Remote Viewing technique I’ve been trying to develop in order to psychically obtain numbers in forced-choice experiments. It’s not properly scientifically vetted or sanctioned by the Remote Viewing community. It is, however, something I’ve been experimenting with and I’m at the point where I believe it’s showing enough promise from my own experiences to warrant sharing with the rest of the community. Your mileage may vary.


The core idea is simple: You assign a color to each digit from 0-9. When you Remote View you make a note of the colors in the visual impressions you get and then translate those colors into numbers off your color digit key. Make sure to set your intention to utilize the proxy system and only for a single digit at a time.

Color Proxy Technique: use psychically obtained color to acquire the number

In order to increase your chance of success using this method is worth using what I call ‘subconscious embedding’. The idea is to teach your subconscious to relate numbers to colours. To do this: when you are going about your day to day life and you see a clear, distinct color from your proxy list, mentally note what number that color would represent. For example, let’s say you see a group of orange traffic cones on the street, as you look at each one think to yourself “7, 7, 7”, when you a red stop sign – “6”, when you see the sky think “4” if it’s a beautiful blue and think “9” for each cloud you see.

Contrary to typical remote viewing practice, this technique is meant to be used when you are aware that the target is a number and the possible range of numbers.

You are not required to use colors, if your personal psychic talent is more geared to getting other properties that have at least 10 distinct variations, then it might be worth using that instead.


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